Team cooperation is the root of Enterprise vigorous development

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November 12th, after the popular shopping carnival, CSG Hangzhou New Yuhong Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has another carnival battlefield, sweat in the playground. Yes, CSG Hangzhou New Yuhong ‘s held the first workers sport meeting. For CSG Hangzhou New Yuhong, it is a harvest season now, is a celebration of the moment, is the CSG Hangzhou New yuhong first sport meet after beginning a member of CSG.



"Even without exercise cells

The scene also has more non-stop game

waiting for us to challenge

Even if we are not athletes

New Yuhong staff sports meeting also let us experience

happy and hard working in the sport "

Mr. Lu Bing, Deputy General Manager of CSG Hangzhou New Yuhong, told the reporter: "We held the first Fun sport meeting to promote mutual understanding between the new and old colleagues in the company. At the same time, It is a showcase of teamwork. "

Improve production equipment is the premise, to enhance team strength is fundamental

After CSG entered Hangzhou New Yuhong, the company has greatly improved in all aspects. Not only through the fun games, to improve the unity and cooperation among employees; Now CSG Hangzhou New Yuhonhg’s machine manufacturing standards have higher requirements, but also makes the company's equipment appearance and production level has been great Enhance in a very short period of time . CSG Hangzhou New Yuhong adhere to select high-quality suppliers, adhere to and customers take the strategic cooperation model, high-quality spare parts, and promote the production of high quality and efficiency New Yuhong equipment.

If the quality of the equipment is the premise of producing high quality products, then, the strength of the team is the root of the company's vigorous development. In order to enhance the team strength of New Yuhong, the company has introduced excellent talents from famous machine Manufacturing Company domestic and abroad, and enhanced the company's design and manufacturing capabilities. At the same time, we know the importance of team cooperation, pay attention to the training of team consciousness, strengthen the cohesiveness and centripetal force of the enterprise.

In addition, the company has established a complete after-sales service system, offering customers a sincere and efficient after-sales service. A complete and efficient after-sales service system has made CSG Hangzhou New Yuhong's brand reputation rising.

Intelligentialize is the top priority of development

CSG will give full play to its advantages in New Yuhong, and show the actual strength in the market. Mr. Lu Bing said in an interview with reporters: "the future development direction of the equipment industry is high-speed, stable and intelligent, and intelligent will be the top priority for development. In the next three to five years, the level of machine manufacturing in New Yuhong , will change qualitatively with the strong support of the CSG .

In terms of the CSG Hangzhou New Yuhong, 2017 is a new starting point, and it also means that the New Yuhong has a new challenge. In the great journey of New Yuhong, in the direction of intelligent manufacturing, we believe that New yuhong can achieve one goal after another, and ultimately achieve the perfect disposable product intelligent manufacturer.

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