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drop in classes


Out of towner traveling through Charleston looking for a quick roll? Maybe you’re not ready to fully commit to a monthly membership. Come in yourself and take any class that fits your style and receive our standard drop-in rate.



* A first-time registration fee of $65 will be applied to all the following memberships.

fundamental classes

Basic Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) techniques and the fundamental movements of Jiu-Jitsu, including self-defense strategy and maneuvers. Students will learn how to fall, stand up, engage opponents, escape holds, apply basic take-downs, and apply basic submissions.

private lessons

Private lessons are available to schedule with instructors. They allow one on one focus from the instructor to help students work out issues and get more detailed instruction on techniques they are working on.

Kid’s classes

Here we give the opportunity to teach important lessons about teamworkself-confidencediscipline, and respect… and your children will have a fun time wrestling, playing interactive games, and staying active while they’re at it! Our instructors will keep a close eye on your child, provide them with positive role models, and make sure they are focused and attentive.

competition classes

Here students will refine their basic techniques and begin to add more advanced positions and techniques. You will drill and work with more experienced students and improve your physical condition with Jiu-Jitsu specific exercises and resistance sparring.


“Since transitioning out of the military jiu jitsu has given me a new purpose, and a new team. This sport is unique in not only offering self-defense/phyiscal training, but personal and mental development as well. I could not recommend the sport and specifically Checkmat Charleston more. I have found a home with a unique group of people that train, fight, suffer, and celebrate together.”

Ryan Byrne

“BJJ has given all three of my boys more confidence and a pastime they enjoy doing together and with their father.  We all love the community of the gym!  It’s a very encouraging and supportive group of families.”

Sarah Parrish

I started training BJJ at 40. I was nervous it would be a younger persons sport, but soon learned that its never to late to start! Learning BJJ at Checkmat has given me not only confidence that I can better defend myself and family in case I need to, but has opened me to a sport that challenges you mentally as much as physically. I look forward to the days I get to “roll” and have found new friends and a life long passion for this sport.

Gavin McCulley

“Checkmat Charleston has given my children an outlet they never knew they needed. They’ve learned respect for not only their coaches and partners on the mat, but for themselves! Jiu Jitsu has given them confidence, amazing relationships, and an opportunity to be apart of a sport that will continue to push them both mentally and physically.

Kiera Dare